Cahill Piano Studio


Based on 38 weekly lessons in the year.


60 minutes---- $65 per hour---------$247 per month

45 minutes---- $49 per ¾ hr--------- $186 per month

30 minutes---- $33 per ½ hr---------$125 per month

For the younger grades semi-private 1 hour lessons are a possibility. Please ask.

Exam Stream group of three per hour

60 minutes--------$148 per month per student

Piano Readiness for 3 year olds

30 minutes private---------------$95 per month

45 minutes semi-private--------$72 per month


Based on 33 weekly lessons per year.


60 minutes------$50 per hour------$183 per month

45 minutes------$38 per ¾ hr-------$139 per month

30 minutes------$25 per ½ hr-------$92 per month


60 minutes-----$110 per student per month

Group of 3 or more

60 minutes-----$92 per student per month