Cahill Piano Studio

Piano and Theory lessons by McGill Music Graduate with 40 years experience. 
  • Beginners to advanced. 

  • Special course for exam-stream students from grades 1 - 5 inclusive.
    In this system, there are 3 students together in a one hour lesson rotating from one skill set to another covering piano instruction, sight-reading, ear training, theory, and technique.  This allows for a rich intensive hour of instruction and guidance where each student moves at their own pace. Students get supervised attention on all aspects of every lesson. It is a cost-effective proven concept for time-challenged parents and students. 
Note: May be online or in-person according to the provincial health guidelines.

  • A Piano Readiness Course for 3-year-olds introducing concepts of piano playing through:
    *Aural awareness: using songs for vocal exploration as well as solfege (Doh/Re/Me)
    *Rhythm: marching, moving, rhythmic notation
    *Technique: playing piano with just 2 fingers to start, fingerplay and rhyme, moving fingers independently
    *Theory: learning the musical alphabet forwards and backwards, learning piano keys, alphabetic patterns, high/low
    For the first year practicing at home is not required, but reinforcement of lesson concepts is encouraged.

    Note: In-person only. Start date will be according to the provincial health guidelines.
    To Register or for further information please contact Marie Cahill: (709)-682-9993. Lessons take place in the East End.